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Asphalt is made from a mixture of aggregates, stone, and sand which is “glued” together by asphalt cement. Asphalt is a form of petroleum that binds together these aggregates. Once heated and then compacted together, this forms your asphalt surface. 

What is asphalt?


As your asphalt ages, this petroleum breaks down. This is why your driveway turns gray and brittle. Aggregate (stones) then begins to break loose and due to the lack of flexibility, cracks and pot holes start to form. 

Sealed vs unsealed


How do you deal with this issue? While it is impossible to eliminate the elements, we manage them by applying a coating of coal tar on your asphalt, creating a barrier and wear layer on your surface. This keeps out the elements (water, UV rays, vehicle wear) and is re-applied every 2-3 years for maximum benefit.

What is asphalt?


When choosing your contractor keep these things in mind. Someone knocks on your door and offers a service, then cuts the price and offers a one day special. You proceed with this service, have overspray on your property, track oil into your house, and think this is what the seal coating industry is. Sadly, this occurs often. Our industry is flooded by “fly by night” contractors that shed a negative light on our profession.

Why choose Johnson Seal Coating? We have been in business for six years and have serviced over 1000 customers. We stand by our work and have a 5 Star Rating. We also attend annual trainings at the National Pavement Expo. 

You’ll get what you pay for. 

What is asphalt?


Seal coating is unlike most other industries. Not only do we provide a service but also a product that can be diluted to make it cheaper to apply. Our prices are industry average. If you find a price significantly lower than ours, you are receiving an inferior product. How do we know? Because we know what it costs to buy and apply the material. If it’s that cheap, the contractor isn’t making money. We follow SealMaster specifications when mixing our product. While other contractors may “cut” their product with water to achieve cheaper pricing, we continue to stand firm with our pricing and products to continue to advance professionalism in the asphalt maintenance industry.

What is asphalt?
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